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Templates for Yii2 on Vesta CP for backend and frontend versions.

So, I had problems with manual editing of configs in the Vesta CP (which it constantly rewrites, when something changes or is updated), I set out to make a more or less automated solution.

It did not work very nicely, because it is necessary that the backend and the frontend look in the same folder as the subfolders. This can not be achieved only by editing templates. This can be understood by looking at their syntax, which is handled by scripts, like v-add-web-domain.

There is code on github.

The templates and the script work, based on the fact that: the frontend is here -> /home/$USER/web/$DOMAIN/public_html/frontend/web backend is here -> /home/$USER/web/$DOMAIN/public_html/backend/web


Add the “apache2” and “nginx” directories from the githab repository (mentioned above) to /usr/local/vesta/data/templates/web/ (in CentOS / RHEL, you may need to rename “apache2” to “httpd”). Add script in any, you need a place on the server.

In the Vesta control panel, you can create both domains:

After that, in Vesta CP you can edit the domain settings and set the templates:
Yii2-frontend for and yii2-backend for

In the end, you can run the script with the command:
( cd your-some-directory/ )
bash ./ vestacpuser