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How to install and configure owncloud on debian

As we see in -> install – there are several options for installation – an archive file, a web installer and packages for various systems.

I decided to install the package to be able to put updates and to automatically satisfying the dependencies.
For Debian 7.0, you must first run the following commands (as root, of course):

Добавим ключ репозитория:
apt-key add - < Release.key

Enable the repository, update the information about the packages and install:
echo 'deb /' >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/owncloud.list
aptitude update
aptitude install owncloud

(you can use apt-get instead of aptitude)

As I thought – quite a lot of packages were in dependencies, so this is the best way to install ownCloud.

There are a few simple steps left:
1. Go to http://your-server/ownCloud
2. Set a password and login for the administrator
3. It is best to specify the folder when installing, where all the data will be – specifically create such a folder in the right place on the server and make web user the owner of it.

mkdir /home/backup/ownCloudData
chown www-data: /home/backup/ownCloudData

4. It is usually recommended to create a user and database in Mysql. But this is for large installations. In my case, this was necessary for several people, so the sqlite database is sufficient.

5. it’s all!

How to monitor mysql queries

Sometimes, you need to figure out which request comes from cms / cmf or another script to the Mysql server.
For example, I had to deal with the jqgrid-php library. It was unclear which query comes to the mysql server from the script.

You can, of course, install and configure mysql-proxy, but there is a simpler solution:

1. Login to Mysql-server as mysql admin (root) user.

2. Set where to write the log:
set global general_log_file='/tmp/mysql_query.log';

3. Enable log:
set global general_log = 1;

4. Run your scripts

5. Turn it off so it does not clog the server
set global general_log = 0;

6. Analyze the log:
less /tmp/mysql_query.log

7. it’s all!