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How to install nginx push-and-pull on Debian (for Bitrix)

So, after the Nginx update on Debian some of the business functions of the portal Bitrix stopped working.
It turned out: the problem is that there was a previos nginx version where the necessary module was compiled manually.

1. rebuild fresh nginx with the push-and-pull module (nginx-push-stream-module)
2. configure that it is not updated

Let’s start:

[1] The following sequence of commands makes it clear what to do:

Download Nginx and nginx-push-stream-module sources:
cd /tmp/
apt-get build-dep nginx
apt-get source nginx
mkdir nginx-1.8.1/debian/modules && nginx-1.8.1/debian/modules

! at the moment, you can not put the module version 0.5 and higher on Bitrix – it will not work, Bitrix developers limited to these versions

Add next under the last “–with-http” in the rules for building the package:
--add-module=/tmp/nginx-1.8.1/debian/modules/nginx-push-stream-module-0.4.1 \

cd ..
nano debian/rules

Compile and install deb package:

dpkg-buildpackage -b
cd ..
dpkg -i nginx_1.8.1-1~wheezy_amd64.deb

[2] Now we need to make the hold on the package – so that we will not update
(for example, go to aptitude and click on the name of the package “=”)

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