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How to monitor mysql queries

Sometimes, you need to figure out which request comes from cms / cmf or another script to the Mysql server.
For example, I had to deal with the jqgrid-php library. It was unclear which query comes to the mysql server from the script.

You can, of course, install and configure mysql-proxy, but there is a simpler solution:

1. Login to Mysql-server as mysql admin (root) user.

2. Set where to write the log:
set global general_log_file='/tmp/mysql_query.log';

3. Enable log:
set global general_log = 1;

4. Run your scripts

5. Turn it off so it does not clog the server
set global general_log = 0;

6. Analyze the log:
less /tmp/mysql_query.log

7. it’s all!