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Selecting a CMS for a business card site

Strangely enough, I started my expirience with CMS via drupal (later I learned that it was also CMF), then I got expirience with WordPress. Now, when again it is necessary to make a new project, I wanted to expand my expirience with CMS and decided to do the following.
There are a lot of recommendations on the web that take as a basis for a business card site – from static html to monsters like joomla. I decided to just take 4 different CMS (which I’m not familiar with) and install them on the VPS. I’ll choose the one that will immediately like.

We make preparations (the domain has already been registered in advance). Let’s agree that MY-NEW.DOMAIN is the domain name.

cd /var/www/
mkdir {getsimple,hostcms,joomla,dle}-MY-NEW.DOMAIN

Download all CMS:

Extract to the appropriate directories:
unzip -d getsimple-MY-NEW.DOMAIN/
mv getsimple-MY-NEW.DOMAIN/GetSimpleCMS-3.3.0/* getsimple-MY-NEW.DOMAIN/
rmdir getsimple-MY-NEW.DOMAIN/GetSimpleCMS-3.3.0
tar -xz -C hostcms-MY-NEW.DOMAIN/ -f HostCMS.Free_6.1.tar.gz
unzip -d joomla-MY-NEW.DOMAIN/
unzip -d dle-MY-NEW.DOMAIN/

Set privileges:
chown -R nobody:nogroup {getsimple,hostcms,joomla,dle}-MY-NEW.DOMAIN

Now we edit Apache config file:
nano /etc/apache2/conf.d/MY-NEW.DOMAIN.conf

<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerAlias www.MY-NEW.DOMAIN
DocumentRoot /var/www/MY-NEW.DOMAIN # this line will be changed for each CMS
<Directory "/var/www/MY-NEW.DOMAIN"> # and this line will be changed for each CMS
AllowOverride All
Order deny,allow
Allow from all
AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .php .html


Apply config changes with apache process:
apachectl graceful

We create a database (for DLE example) for those CMSs that need it:

mysql -u root -p
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON dleuserdb.* TO "dleuserdb"@"localhost" IDENTIFIED BY "dleuserdbpass";

So which CMS to choose for a business card site? Notes.

— GetSimpleCMS —

Works without Mysql and uses xml format for data storage. What else do you need for a business card site? Indeed, it is very simple. When the files are uploaded, go to the link:
Following the prompts, install the CMS (I had to change the rights to the folders data and backups, as well as install the php5-gd and php5-curl packages to get the gd library and cURL support).

— hostcms —

Immediately starts the installer. Appearance – I liked. Further, it asked to accept an agreement where one of the items is the obligatory placement of a link to the official website … (3.4. A user of a free edition of the Software product is required to place an active, indexed and visible hyperlink on each site using the Software Product site management HostCMS» to the website of the Vendor http: slashslashwwwpointhostcmspointru in the global Internet.) Somehow I did not like it … Well, we go to the end. Click “Next” (I did not install xslt support, set it: aptitude install php5-xsl; I also had to change the permissions on the file: modules/core/config/database.php and to the folder:

— dle —

After I transferred the contents of the subfolder upload to the root folder of the site, I immediately got into the installer. All that needed to be done later was to disable output buffering. To do this, open the php.ini file and put the value of the parameter: “output_buffering = Off” and also change the permissions on some files and folders with the chmod command.

— joomla —

I just didn’t get around to CMS Joomla.

upd (12.12.16). and I’ll get not around to it…