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Delete the message proxmox “No Valid Subscription”

How to we can remove proxmox message “No Valid Subscription”?

To do this, you just need to edit the file pvemanagerlib.js:

open in test editor:

nano /usr/share/pve-manager/ext4/pvemanagerlib.js

You can use “locate pvemanagerlib.js” command to find this file.

Find the line:

  if (data.status !== 'Active') {

We copy and comment on it (just in case) and correct, as shown below:

//  if (data.status !== 'Active') {
  if (false) {

Now “No Valid Subscription” message does not bother us anymore.

Update. path in new proxmox version: /usr/share/pve-manager/js/pvemanagerlib.js

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